Let me down.

9:39 AM

So I'm super sick of everyone being dramatic. Randy and I are together. Deal with it. I'm blissfully happy. Deal with it. Not everyone is going to be perfect and I get that, but I sure didn't expect you to be the person to walk out of the room, and virtually out of my life. Because I thought you would be there. And you weren't. I thought we could get through anything when we were TOGETHER. Yes it's hard! Get over it! It's so not worth losing everything to be right! Remember about apologizing? That doesn't make you weak. It makes you so much stronger than the person that doesn't apologize. It means you realize that your relationship is the most more important thing than your ego.

Ayn Rand has this thing about how the only thing that's important is making sure you're happy, and that you're taken care of. That EGO is the most important thing. (Sometimes I pay attention in English :)) But I have news for you. Being happy is important. But sometimes, to be happy, you have to fake it until it happens. So you suck it up that people are cuddling around you. You get over the fact that it hurts. Trust me, I've been there. She didn't even know that it killed me. He did. But you know what?? I valued what our friendship was more than what I was feeling. And so should you.

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