Love Letters Museum AND A Love Letter To Jumpsuits

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This weekend we went to the Love Letters Museum in Salt Lake City and it was so fun! Such a cute little pop-up museum all about books and letters and words. Graham had a blast and there were so many fun things to do, from making a button and stamp, to writing a letter, to playing in a giant confetti pit.

Since becoming a mom, going on outings like this has become a little more stressful and requires more planning. One of the biggest things I didn't expect is that my wardrobe would drastically change when I became a mom. Basically I want everything I wear to be super comfortable and practical for running around with G.

I used to think I couldn't wear jumpsuits. OH WAS I WRONG. People ask me alllll the time if it's annoying to go to the bathroom in a jumpsuit or if they're too short/tall for a jumpsuit and the answer is EVERYONE CAN ROCK A JUMPSUIT. It's not a hassle AT ALL. In fact, I prefer jumpsuits to most other clothing. And here is why:

1. It's much easier than jeans and dresses to bend over, run around, chase Graham, etc. I don't have to worry about pulling my shirt down or my pants up to keep me covered, I don't have to worry about a skirt going a little too high, I'M ALL GOOD.
2. They look SO dressy but are comfy! Jumpsuits are classic and look like you're tailored and elegant, but they are so comfy!
3. They are SO easy to accessorize. Throw on a necklace, jacket, sweater, blazer, or coat and you have a brand new outfit. Or just wear your jumpsuit as-is and it's STILL perfect. There are a million options with one piece of clothing.

There is one complaint I hear about all the time when it comes to jumpsuits. They don't transition well around motherhood. You get pregnant and they don't fit or you can't nurse with them. BUT WAIT. ENTER PINKBLUSH.

PinkBlush is a maternity clothing store that has outfits for when you're pregnant, when you're nursing, and when you're not pregnant. ALL OF THEM IN ONE STORE. Their stuff is SO cute and perfect for mamas. I actually got my delivery robe and my maternity picture dress from PinkBlush as well, and wore both of them while pregnant, and I still wear them all the time since having Graham as well. That's honestly one of my favorite things about PinkBlush; I wasn't all about buying a ton of clothes I could ONLY wear when I was pregnant. Their options are perfect for while you're pregnant, and after you've had your baby as well!

This Peach Ruffle Sleeve Smocked Waist Jumpsuit is just another one of their perfect options. It was SO great to wear to the Love Letters museum because I looked and felt more dressed up for a day downtown, but could go down the slide and play with Graham with no problems. I'm telling you, jumpsuits are a mom's best friend.

And this jumpsuit has the CUTEST square neck and ruffle sleeve, setting it apart from other jumpsuits, and the smocked waist is GENIUS because I ate cookies for breakfast and the smocked waist made me feel so confident. It's also going to be perfect when we decide to have another baby, because I know it will transition SO well as a maternity jumpsuit.

Basically, go out and buy yourself a jumpsuit, or something else from PinkBlush because they seriously know how to take care of women, from maternity clothing to mama clothing, I can't recommend them enough!

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