4th of July

7:18 PM

Our 4th of July was a blast!

Randy woke up early and went to run a 10K (he got 6th place and did great!!)

I made some celebratory waffles that turned out a little light colored hahaha but it was good!

We went to the parade and Graham had a blast! He waved and clapped and thought all the floats were so cool. Everyone thought he was so cute and wanted to give him candy!

We went to Red Robin for lunch and it was delicious! We ran home for Graham to take a nap and we played games and took a nap.

We then went over to Randy's parent's house and had a great time playing with Charlotte and grandma and grandpa!

After that, we went off to my parent's house to get ready for the fireworks. It was raining off and on, we made popcorn and had candy and apple pie. We went back and forth about going to the fireworks and we ended up going over, when it started raining so we packed back up and watched the fireworks on my parent's driveway.

It was a wonderful day, but my favorite moment was when Graham and I were driving to the parade. We were listening to Hamilton and the line "the world turned upside down" just made me cry. I was filled with so much gratitude for the people who worked and fought to give me the life I have. And I'm so grateful for people like that today who are turning our world upside down to continue to make it a place where everyone is safe and welcome. Just so full of love and gratitude! USA!!!

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