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There are a lot of maternity things I've been loving as I'm going through this pregnancy, here's a few that I'm crazy about (maybe get one of these for any pregnant friends you have, guarantee a good Christmas gift and all that)

1. PinkBlush robe. I'm IN LOVE with this robe! I got it to be my "delivery robe" to bring to the hospital and I'm already loving wearing it. It's been easy to feel weird sized as I grow (some people think I'm just large and not pregnant, so that's not fun) but this robe is flattering and makes me feel pretty even when I stay in PJs all day. I'm excited to take it to the hospital to get some pretty pictures in and feel covered up, and wear it all the time after! 

2. Promptly Journal. A good friend of mine suggested I get this journal and I love it! It asks questions which has made it so easy to jot down all the memories of being pregnant. It goes from pregnancy to when your child is 18, so you can record all the special elements! I have been LOVING writing in this and am so excited to keep jotting down fun things for years to come! 

3. VitaFusion Prenatal Gummies. I posted about this before, but I'm still CRAZY about these pre-natal vitamins! They are SO yummy and it's so much better than trying to swallow a giant pill every morning or night. 

4. H&M Maternity Jeans.  These maternity jeans are my absolute favorite! I still use the belly elastic stretch thing on my jeans a lot, but it's been so nice to have some maternity jeans to trade in and out with those. These aren't crazy expensive (I also got them on sale) and they have lots of colors.

5. Anello Backpack Diaper Bag. We actually got this backpack in Japan when we were very first trying to have a baby and I LOVE it! I've already been using it to haul stuff around and I couldn't be happier with it! It has lots of pickets, it's easy to stand up and unzip, it's just a dream. We'll see if I still love it when baby comes, but I'm sure I will! You can order it on Amazon, if you don't want to go to Japan;)

Comment below and share any of your maternity favorites that I'm missing! 

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