Huge Pregnancy News and 29 Week Bumpdate

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We've had a little bit of a crazy week over here. Last week I went in to do my 1 hour glucose test. And I didn't pass, but just barely. I was really worried but tried not to be. I looked up lots of stuff online that said most people who don't pass the first test, especially by a small margin, fly through the longer one. 

So I went into take the long, dreaded 3 hour test. It honestly wasn't as bad as people say, the drink isn't good and burned my throat, and it made me feel a little sick, but it wasn't bad. I brought work and a book and the three hours passed with no problem. 

I got a call a few days later from my doctor, confirming that I was in fact diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 

I was in absolute shock. I had looked up all the risk factors, age, weight, family history, and I didn't have any of them. My grandparents have diabetes, but the risks are only if your parents or immediate family members do. And none of my immediate family members have it. 

I instantly started feeling guilty, thinking about all the candy I had eaten during my pregnancy. But my doctor was also surprised, and hadn't thought it would be an issue for me. I was told this was the most common pregnancy complication, and that while there are risk factors, there is no way to know who will get it. Someone can have every single risk factor and not get it, and someone who has no risk factors can get it. It just has to do with your body and hormones and how being pregnant affects your ability to produce insulin. 

I wasn't sure what to do with this information and was freaked out. 

It's been a week of me going crazy on the internet, Randy telling me not to go crazy on the internet, doctor appointments and pharmacy visits and learning how to prick my finger. The rest of this pregnancy involves a pretty strict diet (including making sure you're eating a specific amount of carbs all during the day, it's actually pretty nuts), making sure I'm eating at the right times, checking my blood sugar levels, filling out my homework sheet to document my levels, and more. It's not something I thought I'd be dealing with, and I have to say I'm a little bummed I can't be like most pregnant women and indulge in my pregnancy cravings. But I'm so grateful for doctors, for learning about this and having a team of professionals who all want to help me get our little dude here safely. 

I have been really lucky with this pregnancy so far, I haven't felt too sick, our little guy has been healthy and so have I. So if this is what I get to deal with, that's fine with me. 

29 week bumpdate -

Symptoms: Little man is still crowding my lungs which is interesting! 
Sleep: I am sleeping better depending on the night, I still am dying for naps in the afternoon which is so unlike me, but it's good to get that rest! 
Baby is: Doing so good! We meet with his potential pediatrician next week and are getting all the little things we still need all finalized.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Seriously my rock. With all the drama of being diagnosed with GD I have been a basket case. Randy has been really sweet and constantly reminds me not to worry.
Mom is craving: Nothing, I think being diagnosed with GD made me really freak out and now I'm not wanting to eat anything at all! 
Funny things this week: This week was a lot harder, but it's still so worth it knowing our little guy will be here soon. He makes all the hard things better! 

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