31 Week Bumpdate

7:32 AM

Symptoms: I'm so sore all the time! Either my back or my arms or my neck, every day, something aches!
Sleep: I'm getting more and more tired, I haven't had that huge burst of energy some people get in the last trimester, but I still have enough energy to do what I need to do, which is awesome. I just would love a nap every afternoon hahaha.
Baby is: Good! With Gestational Diabetes we are a little worried he will be a bigger baby, but so far he has measured right on. We'll get to check again in just a few weeks to make sure he's not too big! He moves around all the time, very rarely kicks me but more just bounces or rolls.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: The absolute best. He's helped me so much by cooking, setting up the baby's room, and just being my complete rock and support.
Mom is craving: Not a ton, which is nice with the diabetes! 
Funny things this week: We went on our babymoon to the Little America and had some great Maddy/Randy time before our world flips upside down! We've been playing basketball at the park almost every night and I'm getting pretty good! I even beat Randy and HORSE this week! 

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