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So a few months ago, Randy and I started talking about if we should go on a "babymoon" type of trip before little boy arrives. We debated San Francisco, Seattle, and even Washington D.C.

Randy, of course, is already the cutest dad EVER. He said he'd love to go on a little getaway, but he also wanted to save our money to take our little man to Disneyland or cool places after he was here. MY HEART.

Also, I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and was pretty grumpy about the idea of traveling to a fun, new city and not being able to go to any restaurant or try any treat.

SO, we opted to do a little babymoon/staycation at the Little America. We stayed at the Little America on our wedding night and have gone back for anniversaries and things, and we absolutely love it. We love downtown, we love exploring our own city, we love all of it!

So, Friday we went and met our pediatrician (who I'm really excited about!) had a diabetes friendly lunch at Zuppas, and went to check into the Little America.

We spent Friday shopping, hitting up Guitar Center so Randy could jam out, had a little stop at the Instacare (I won't share the story as it wasn't a big deal, but it was Randy not the baby, and he's fine.) There was live music in the lobby and we stopped and listened to a REALLY good singer and guitarist, we were really impressed! Then we cuddled up in our room, watching movies and talking and making plans for our little family.

Saturday we had breakfast in bed (our customary tradition) and we were off for more shopping, strolling around Salt Lake, going to a movie, just enjoying being together.

I didn't go over my blood sugar numbers ONCE on this trip (hallelujah!) so we decided to head to Last Course and get a small treat for me to have a couple bites of. We got the peanut butter pie and it was BOMB (not as good as the glamping s'more in my opinion, but still amazing) and we decided to walk. It was Saint Patrick's Day and we were the ONLY people on the street that weren't totally wasted. It was SO funny to walk around all these people dressed in green, running into the streets, just generally being ridiculous.

Sunday we slept in, then headed to Eva's Boulangerie for brunch. It was sincerely one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. Eggs Benedict and organic greens and it was out of this world!

We headed home after that, but Randy started spring break on Monday, so babymoon wasn't over!

Monday I got into nesting mode while Randy went to his new kickboxing gym (if anyone is interested, let me know. Randy is OBSESSED with the gym and the boxing/kickboxing classes he gets to go to!)

I cleaned and organized, we washed all of little man's new clothes, and went and got his crib! His room is pretty much put together which is CRAZY. I feel like I'm doing things before I'm supposed to, but I'm paranoid and busy and want everything ready for when he shows up:)

Tuesday I went into the office, but that didn't mean babymoon was over! Randy and I went to the Jazz game on Tuesday night. We had AMAZING seats and had the best time. We lost a heartbreaking game, but it was still so fun. It's crazy that in just under 2 months, it won't ever be just us again. We've been so lucky to get to do so many amazing things together, just us. But I can't wait to see what our life will be like once our little dude arrives.

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