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We've been having a crazy time around here and I'm barely keeping up!

Friday of last week Randy and I spent a little bit of time with Alexon, then went to get some Mexican food at Su Casa. It was pretty good, not our very favorite, but not too shabby!

We went to Kaysville to spend the weekend with family, which was a blast! We played games on Friday night, then spent the day Saturday shopping, hanging out with our niece and nephew, and seeing Randy's parents after they got back from their Japan trip (jealousss)

Randy is seriously WHOOPED by our niece and nephew, and they are pretty obsessed with him. It's the cutest thing to see!

Saturday we went to Mikado and had teppanyaki which was really tasty!

Sunday was the blessing day! We had some family come in and my brother gave Thomas a really wonderful blessing. We had tons of brunch food and SO many people at our house to see the baby and also celebrate my brother graduating law school! He's actually off sitting for the California bar today - so good luck to him! That night we went and visited the grave of one of our pioneer ancestors Thomas Grover, and spent some time thinking about our pioneer family.

We enjoyed being with family all day on Sunday, and decided to stay in Kaysville for Pioneer Day as well! We watched the parade, played with the babies, and visited with my family. It was a much needed relaxing day! We said goodbye to one of my cousins who is headed to Canada on his mission (Good luck TJ!) and then went and did some grocery shopping and clothes shopping. All in all, it was an amazing weekend.

My sister just got back from the pioneer trek for church right before Pioneer Day, which was fitting. The talks in church that day were all about the trek, and I couldn't help but tear up thinking about my experiences, and my gratitude for the pioneers. We really are incredibly lucky. I think all the time about what I would have done if I had learned about the gospel back then. Would I have left my family, home, and friends? Would I have been strong enough to endure the persecution, to walk across the plains, to have that much faith? I look up to them and the legacy of faith they left for me in so many ways. They trusted more than I have ever had to. And they were so blessed, and so am I.

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