Weekend Update

1:26 PM

Our weekend was busy and crazy as always!

Friday, Randy went to spend time with his brothers since his parents are out of town in Japan (I'm SO jealous!)

We had dinner with my family and played with our darling niece, who absolutely adores Randy. It's the sweetest.

Saturday we woke up early to do a photo shoot with one of my clients and I'm so happy with how they turned out!

We then went to the SLC Farmer's Market and had a blast with Courtney and Tommy. We just love spending time with them, eating good food and enjoying!

After lunch, we headed back to Randy's parent's house to see his brothers. Then it was to my house for pizza, and the Mormon Tabernacle Pioneer Day Concert!

The concert was absolutely amazing, Alex Boye did an amazing job and had me in tears! Music is so important and it was so fun to spend time with my family, listening to such beautiful stuff.

After the concert we ran to Cheesecake Factory for some treats, and then it was home. Randy had been feeling sick so our Sunday consisted of me waking up early to make some cupcakes for my Sunday School class, and then us having a very lazy Sunday trying to get Randy to feel better.

Our life has me so content right now. And I'm so excited about the adventures we have ahead!

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