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So, we drove home from Disneyland on Saturday, and then Sunday at 6:50 AM I got to the airport to head off to New York.

I went for work and it was SO insanely hard to be away from Randy. To be honest, we both absolutely hated it. But it was still really cool to be in New York and my company had a great event, so it was all OK in the end!

The flight to New York was uneventful, it was cool to come in over the city and see everything. I landed and grabbed a taxi, and then spent an hour and a half in traffic trying to get to Manhattan. When I finally got to the hotel, I was already late to the first event! So I just threw my stuff upstairs and dashed around the street to Grand Central Station, where we had our opening reception.

Grand Central Station was BEAUTIFUL and it was so awesome to see all the people and be in the middle of things.

Our opening reception went well, I helped clean up and then dashed downstairs for a Magnolia cupcake which was TO DIE FOR. I was utterly exhausted so I just went right to bed.

Monday started early and was an entire day full of the conference my company was putting on. I did interviews, checked in guests, met with the Keynote speaker, worked with vendors on their workshops, and barely had time to eat the whole day!

After our closing reception in the lobby of the hotel, I figured I had to get out and see the city before I left the next morning.

I walked a few blocks up to Times Square and was in awe of everything! It was so amazing and I had the best time strolling the city.

I grabbed some soup for dinner from the Yankee's Official soup restaurant, and was so tired I fell asleep!

Tuesday again was early morning meetings, and then it was time to go!

My time in New York was quick, but I was SO happy to get home and be with Randy again! Boy, that husband of mine is fantastic. It's nice to have someone to miss.

Hopefully Randy and I can both get back to New York sometime, I'm crossing my fingers!

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