Mary Magdalene

8:29 AM

I've spent some time lately thinking about Mary Magdalene.

Each of my siblings and I have a name that is *somewhat* tied to someone in the scriptures. My brother Benson is Ben, like Benjamin. My sister is Olivia like the olive branch. Bethany is Bethany the town, and my name Madeleine is close to Magdalene.

So Mary Magdalene has always been someone I have thought about, looked up to, and been interested in.

My favorite thing about Mary Magdalene is when she came to the empty tomb of Christ. She couldn't find the body of the Lord, and she wept. He wasn't alive as far as she knew, yet she wept.

I want to weep when I'm at a party, and can't feel the Spirit of Christ there.

I want to weep in prayer as I'm searching for Him in the scriptures and in prayer.

I want to weep at any moment when I can't find Him. And always be searching for Him.

Later, she supposes the gardener is talking to her. But once Christ says her name, she instantly knows it is Him.

He has said my name so many times. I want to always be able to recognize when it is Him calling me. Not wonder, not be unsure, but know without a doubt that that is Christ calling my name.

I think how beautiful it would feel to hear the Savior say my name.

He has, He does. I want to recognize it more quickly, more sincerely.

I want to be more like Mary Magdalene.

Easter is the most beautiful time for thinking, remembering, and growing closer to Christ.

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