Thankful Day Four, Five, Six, and Seven

9:30 AM

I'm the queen of being behind!

Thankful Day Four:
Today I am thankful for music. So many wonderful things in my life are connected to music. It uplifts, inspires, comforts, and so many other things. I feel so lucky that Heavenly Father created a world for us where music is abundant, varying, and beautiful.

Thankful Day Five:
Today I am thankful for technology. Without it, so many things about our lives would be different. I love connecting with my niece thousands of miles away, being able to get encouragement from my husband during the day, my entire job revolves around technology, and I am so thankful for it.

Thankful Day Six:
I am thankful that I have a job. I know so many people are searching, wishing, and praying they will get the chance to work. I am so lucky to work in a place where I feel good about my work, where the people are kind, the work is honest and good and helpful, and that is so close to my home so I can have a positive balance in my life.

Thankful Day Seven:
Today I am thankful for family. I have the best family a person could ask for. They are always so kind. My family, and extended family, have had some rough months. With sicknesses, surgeries, emotional and mental struggles, stress and worry, it could have beaten us down. But my family is always there for each other, and they are always there for me. I love knowing I can call my mom and dad day or night with questions, that my brother and his wife and my cute niece will FaceTime to brighten the hardest days, that my sister and brother in law take time to spend with our family and make it fun, that my sister is always there to text me or laugh with me. That my aunts and uncles and cousins and my grandparents are full of love for me, and show me regularly. And I can't even talk about Randy because that's got to be an entire post in itself. But really, I am so blessed. And I am so blessed with amazing in-laws and an entire second family who make me feel so loved.

It's a good life.

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