One Year Six Months Ago.

2:01 PM

1 year, 6 months as Mrs. Low.

Oh, how I wish there were words.

The past six months have been so hard for me.

And Randy is the rock.

The shelter in the storm.

The warm blanket.

The shoulder for my tears.

He makes me laugh. I swear we spend most nights giggling like two kids over funny memes or knock-knock jokes or goofy videos.

I know that people read this blog or my many social media posts and think "Wow, there she goes again. Can she stop being so annoying and over-posting? It's only a year and a half it's not even an anniversary or anything."

But guys, it's Randy. I want to shout it from the rooftops, and sometimes Instagram and this lil blog is the closest thing.

I'm not sure what on earth I did to be so lucky.

He holds me when I'm crying over the most random things, he makes weekly Target runs with me and only complains for a minute when I insist we walk down every aisle, he cooks and cleans all the time, he lets me watched an absurd amount of Chopped when he could be watching The Voice or action movies, he helps me with the rowdy Sunday School class, loves God more than me, he lets me gush and tell him the plot to whatever book I'm currently reading, he helps me with clients and takes all the photos of them, and me, to boot. And all the rest.

I would need to write all this even if it wasn't 1 year 6 months ago that we promised forever.

Because lately, even more than normal, I can't help thinking that I just can't live without him.

He is simply the best person.

And my little heart loves him with everything it has.

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  1. Happy happy one year six months anniversary:) I feel the exact same way about Sammy lately, how can I really do this without him.


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