Boston Travel Series - LAST DAY!

3:31 PM

Our last day of Boston was wonderful, but it was so sad to be leaving! We woke up and walked with Ben and Kim to the Longfellow house, which ended up being one of our very favorite places we went!

The Longfellow House was first owned by a wealthy Loyalist family, who quickly abandoned it after the Revolutionary war started going on in full swing. The house then was occupied by George Washington during the Revolutionary War while he commanded his troops. After the war was over, the Craigie family bought the house. When Mr. Craigie died, his financial situation made it necessary for his wife to take in boarders to the house. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived in the house, until he later met his wife. Her parents then purchased the house for them to live in, they raised their family there until both of their deaths. It's an absolutely beautiful house and it so amazing, Longfellow's daughter knew her father was a famous poet, so upon his death she started preserving the house for a museum. There are things on his desk and tables and bookshelves that were exactly where he left them. They haven't been touched again at all. The house is full of beautiful things, remembrances of George Washington and his time there, and all the owners of the home before the Longfellows. Randy and I were absolutely blown away by it, and all the stories. They were also celebrating the National Parks 100th birthday, and because the home is a national monument they were having a birthday party! It was really cool to be there on such a historic day.

We met up with Ben and Kim and went to Tasty Burger, which Randy and I both agreed was on par with, if not better than Shake Shack. BUT Shake Shack does have superior ice cream, so of course we had to stop there after for one last shake. After that we packed our things, played with Candace, and then got in the car to go home. It was bittersweet, we were excited to get back to our own home, but so sad to be leaving such a wonderful city!

Our flight home was a little crazy, but we made it back with souvenirs and a suitcase full of exhaustion.

Boston was amazing, and is a vacation spot I would go back to again and again!

Can't wait to see where our travels take us next!

Blurry photo of SLC from above!

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