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It's official! I'm 23. I will miss listening to T-Swift's "22" but my birthday was absolutely wonderful!

It all started the day BEFORE my birthday, I came home from work to beautiful pink roses and Randy cooking dinner in our spotless house! I'm the luckiest! We ate curry, then went to one of my favorite places, The Chocolate, for a warm, gooey cazookie. Of course, we then went to TARGET to shop. Target is my absolute favorite place, and it was so sweet of Randy to take me there and let me wander and shop. 

The door of The Chocolate alone is perfect.

I wasn't sure how Randy was going to top that night, but he then proceeded to blow me away on my birthday. Randy had homemade waffles and strawberries for me the second I woke up, on a tray delivered to bed! We then opened presents and Randy got me a Nikon D3200 Camera that I have been DYING for. I was SO excited. 

|sidebar about the camera|  the manufacturer sent us the WRONG LENS. So it's not compatible with the camera body at all! So basically, we're working with them to ship it back or exchange it or something. And I didn't get any photos with the camera yet. But they are coming!!!

After getting ready for the day I headed to the office to work a half day, and this is what my desk looked like! My coworkers had treats and gifts for me too, they're really the best! 

After Randy and I both finished working, we went shopping! We wandered around our favorite stores and Randy spoiled me ROTTEN.

Then it was time for a romantic dinner. We drove up Millcreek Canyon and admired how BEAUTIFUL it was, and snapped about a million pictures, and had dinner at Log Haven. Randy had bacon wrapped elk steak, and I had rabbit and pasta! It was SO good, such a beautiful setting, and all in all just a wonderfully romantic evening. 

After our wildly romantic dinner and dancing in the middle of the canyon road, we went home. There we stuck candles in macaroons (my favorite treat!) and recreated our "22" candles to make them work for the occasion.

We watched a movie I'd been wanting to see before heading to bed. I was completely spoiled with lots of love, phone calls, texts, and messages from my friends and family. I honestly felt spoiled rotten, especially by my amazing husband! 

Friday Randy and I went to a wedding and hung out with our friends, which was a blast.

Saturday entailed getting my nails done with Sarrie, which was super fun, Randy's mission reunion, and then a fancy dinner with our friends! Randy and I watched part of the BYU game, then kept tabs on it during a very fancy dinner. I got so lucky in the friend department. It's strange sometimes, my closest friends from high school now aren't who I planned it might be, but I love and adore them all so much! 

We went to Cucina Toscana NOT expecting it to be so expensive! But they treated us SO well, even gave us some free appetizers and desserts, and we loved the food! Afterwards we finished watching the game (heartbreaker for my boys. but i will never stop loving the Cougs!) we played games and chatted until late into the night. #whitesquad

Sunday was family time, and we spent time with Randy's family and they gave me the CUTEST Coach purse tag, and a gift card - they're too sweet!

We then went and hung out with my family where my mom made my FAVORITE dinner, my sisters gave me the cutest gifts, and my extended family came to celebrate with chocolate cake! 

Thank you so much to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful. I wouldn't be where I am today without all the love I am lucky enough to have in my life. Thanks so much, here's to making year 23 a great one!

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