Boston Travel Series - Day 6

8:58 AM

Wednesday in Boston was BUSY.

We started the day by stopping at Starbucks for a frap, and then Insomnia Cookies again, since we'd gotten a free cookie coupon. The cookies weren't even out of the oven yet so we got hot, gooey cookies and it was amazing.

We got on the T and switched trains a couple times to get to the Boston Museum of Fine Art. We were bummed that we'd totally figured out the subway system, and were leaving the next day!

The Museum of Fine Art is, in a word, spectacular.

*Travel Tip - if you love art, spend some time researching what's at the museum before you go! I made the mistake of thinking I would remember and was PAINFULLY mistaken! We had an awesome time still, but I wish we had looked through our old Art History book before hand and read up on the pieces there, and some of the vocabulary and artists. Huge shout out to Mr. Orem for instilling that love of art in both of us!

I had been to this museum before, but you can never see enough, and coming with Randy was magical. I can't even go over everything we saw or how awesome it all was, so here are a few of the highlights:

Roman statues, Egyptian mummies and works of art, Greek statues and art (fresco secco and all!) rooms that exactly resemble real rooms in homes from the 1600s and 1700s, Watson And The Shark, Paul Revere, George Washington, dozens of John Singer Sargent works, a work by El Grecco, An entire floor of impressionists (think Cezanne, Gaugin, Renoir, Degas...) the Little Dancer by Degas (an original, not a copy) and an entire room dedicated to Monet, Pollock, Fredia Khalo, entire rooms of Italian artists (Rembrandt, Titan, etc.)

Basically it was everything. Randy and I were there from the moment it opened and spent almost 4 hours wandering until our feet hurt. There is SO much to see, I wish we had split it up into two days!

We hopped back on a train and went to the North End for a delicious pasta and seafood lunch.

We then headed over to the Boston Tea Party boat and museum. This was one of our favorite things! *Travel Tip - this museum is PRICEY. It was worth it to go once, and it's fun for both kids and adults, but not completely necessary if you're on a tight budget.

We were given the name of an individual who was at the Boston Tea Party to represent, we were given feathers to show that the colonists dressed in disguises to keep their identities hidden. We participated in the town meeting, went onto the boat, threw the packages into the sea, and even saw an actual crate that was thrown into the sea during the Boston Tea Part! We then watched a movie where they said that Lexington was the place of the shot heard 'round the world! SO we decided to agree that Lexington was the place haha - such a funny back and forth during our whole trip.

After the Tea Party Boat we walked back towards the harbor and then wandered in the Financial District. Randy and I love big cities so it was so awesome to walk around and explore. It's even more cool when EVERY corner has a historical meaning!

We walked past a really beautiful, huge building and we wanted to know what it was! A plaque on the outside told us it used to be the Custom House, and we wanted to peek inside. It's now a hotel and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. We just walked on in and went up to the second floor where there were paintings and a giant rotunda. It was awesome!

We then of course had to head back to Primark for some last minute grabs.

We then wandered through the parks back to the North End, watching street performers, and ended our night at Modern Bakery where we got some cannoli and cake. *Travel Tip - The best cannoli was from Modern Bakery in my opinion.

We sat in a beautiful park overlooking the city until it started to get dark. We didn't want to leave, so we just sat and looked and were a little sad but mostly so happy we had the chance to go at all!

We watched the sunset, then hopped on a train and went back to Cambridge for the night, had more fun chats with Ben and Kim and went to sleep very happy campers!

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