Baseball and Pillows and Daddy

12:52 PM

Summer has been BUSY BUSY BUSY. Randy and I both work full time, I'm at Ken Garff and loving it, and Randy is at US Bank and loving it! It's fun to both be downtown working, and Randy sometimes gets mornings off which means he can run errands which is SO helpful for me. He seriously has been so amazing, working and cleaning the house and running to the store and doing all the little things that I don't have time for. He's pretty amazing, and I feel super lucky!

We FINALLY got our couch and things are starting to fall together in our new home! We LOVE the pillows Randy's Grandma made for us, she's so crafty and cute and we love it!

More pictures of the house to come, promise!

 Ken Garff sent us to the Bee's game - with fireworks! We had way too much fun and were so close to the field, it was a great summer night!

And last but not least, happy Father's Day to my two favorite boys. My dad has been and always will be the best father I could ever ask for. He does so much for me, and loves Randy like his own son, which makes me so happy. And happy Father's Day to the future father of my kids. I'm so happy they get Randy to be their dad!

Just a quick update for ya, expect more regular blogging and a few more of those bigger posts ahead!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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