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I still have so much to catch up on! So now I"m going to throw a bunch of photos up here with a little explanation and hopefully you just love them!

The Low family threw us an amazing shower right before we got married! Randy's grandma and aunts are so crafty and adorable, and it was fun to meet all of the extended family! I sure do love them!

It was so nice to have Maddy at my grandparent's house. We had a really awesome time. My family really loves Maddy and she fits in really well.

For this cutie's birthday right before the wedding, we all took off to Thanksgiving Pointe to play. It's one of my family's favorite spots, and we figured how else should we ring in Liv's adulthood than by running around like kids!

Thanksgiving Pointe is apparently a really big deal for the Richards family. So, for Liv's birthday, we all went to Thanksgiving Pointe and played tag through mazes and played all the kids games. I think I was having too much fun. I was actually embarrassed that I was having so much fun. Maddy's family really saw me turn into a four year old. It was a blast! 

Also we had a freak hail storm while we were there. It was insane. Hail as big as pennies and they HURT. Such a fun family memory!

Then wedding stuff - pictures and posts to come

The night of our wedding, Maddy and I stayed in the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The Hotel was perfect! 

This is Randy getting our sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries. Such an awesome hotel!

Our Honeymoon began with a road trip to San Diego. We stopped in Henderson Nevada and decided to go check out Las Vegas in our free-time. Maddy really hadn't been to Vegas so we stopped in Caesar's Palace and the Venetian. There is a lot about Vegas that I don't like, but we had a blast! I loved shopping and exploring with this beautiful girl!
Randy and I drove to San Diego which was an AWESOME choice. We loved road tripping, blasting music and chatting, playing games and taking turns napping, getting snacks and seeing really pretty places. Really, roadtripping for your honeymoon is a great idea! 
Instead of driving straight through we stopped in Henderson Nevada, right by Vegas. It was awesome to not have to stay in the city, but to go to dinner and check out some of the fun hotels and sights! We strolled and ate at Ceasar's Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian. 

Barstow is a super fun stop!

We drove on to San Diego where we stayed in Old Town. BEST PLACE TO STAY EVER. We were so close to Downtown, the beach, SeaWorld and the Zoo. Plus it was super romantic and rustic, but our hotel was clean and super nice. Pretty much the best.
We also found the Mormon Battalion Site while we were there and went on a fun tour! Randy even volunteered to dress like a soldier. Pretty awesome, right?

By the end of the day, I'm pretty sure I wore Maddy out. Couldn't be happier to be married to her.


This tower in Sea World is way cool! You can see all of San Diego. Apparently they don't want you getting on if you're wet though. Maddy and I had just gotten off the water rapids ride in Sea World and were still a little damp. Fortunately they still let us on.

Sea World was a dream. Our favorite parts were feeding the sting rays and seals, the shows, the rides, pretty much everything haha. We loved running around like kids and just having a blast.

I had never been to Sea World before this. It was a blast. Don't let me talk about feeding manta rays because I could go on forever about how cool it is. Such a blast!

Also Randy really, really loves wearing his ring.

The Zoo was another day full of too much fun. We saw hundreds of animals up close and personal, including a baby giraffe, baby jaguar, the panda, a polar bear, and a dozen different types of monkeys. 

A day at the beach! You can't go all the way to San Diego and not go to the beach!

Maddy didn't like me taking too many pictures, but how could I not! She's such a cutie!

We took a trip to La Jolla Cove which was perfect! Cliffs and tons of seals, beaches and lots of waves. There was a seal right on shore next to us, it was crazy! At one point the sun moved, so the seal got up and walked up the stairs, and promptly laid down on one of them to go back to sleep, blocking everyone from going up or down. Luckily a life guard saved the day and had the seal move.

On a whim the last day in California, we decided it was time to chop my hair! (Totally my idea!) It was fun and random, and a great surprise for everyone when we got home.

Back in Vegas and at Randy's favorite store.

And our first homecooked meal in our new apartment! We love it, and can't wait to post more pictures once it's no longer a train wreck!

I'm so lucky to be married to a beautiful girl who can make delicious food! I helped though! I fried the chicken. ;)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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