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Friends. It's amazing that even though life is stressful, and hard, and sometimes just no fun, that it's still good. I have amazing friends and an amazing family. I love where I live, I love where I go to school, I love the people I know and the Church that I belong to. My best friends are seriously Heaven sent, and when I'm with them I can tell that Heaven isn't far away. This morning we got to spend some time with Lauren before she leaves on her mission tomorrow (yes it'll be a sappy post, it's fine). This will probably also be a sappy post actually.

If a year ago you had told that I'd be where I am today, I wouldn't have believed you. I have four of the best friends on the planet. And today, our breakfast, dorm crashing, dance partying, and singing, and goodbyes was just more proof that they are the best. We were missing Alli, and then Lauren will leave tomorrow, and then Sarah will leave, and then who knows. But I do know that we will be best friends forever. Sure, there are ups and downs to our friendships. We aren't perfect, and we won't ever be. But I do know that these girls will always have my back. They've proved that time and time again.

So I'm thankful to a Heavenly Father who knew that I would need these forever friends to get me through (yes Lau I stole your forever friends phrase. Sorry:/) So here's to looking forward to writing you on your missions, to being at each others weddings, to more trips and dance parties, to being Aunt Mads and always being there for each other.

Happy Sappy Tuesday:)

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  1. Having people leave is never easy! It seems to happen too often for me. :/ But that is why we have blogging friends! And it makes it even better when you are redhead friends!

    1. Hannah:) What would I do without you!?! Blogging friends are the very best, especially when they're redheads too!


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