No sleep weekend

12:41 PM

Friends life is crazy! Let's just do a little recap. Also I didn't take pictures because I'm STUPID but it was still good. And it still happened even if I didn't document it.

So I started my new job, and I LOVE IT. I work with amazing people and I get to find fun people to interview, conduct their interviews or write their questions for a live interview, work on developing new shows, and get to spend time in my own office. Seriously, it's the best:)

I spent Friday going out to dinner with one of my best friends, heading to Comedy Sportz (which was HILARIOUS. Go to it, it's the funniest thing ever.) Then I headed to frozen yogurt, a 90's dance party, hot tubbing at Glenwood, and a late night movie which makes everything funny. Then Saturday was my sisters lacrosse game (she scored a goal. She got all the athletic genes and she's amazing!) shopping and lunch with my cute family, the football game (I sat front row the first half. Which was amazing. Thanks Alex, Jeff, Brian and Weston!), multiple movie showings, and a late night talk with an awesome friend.

Yeah, it was a good weekend:)

Now my Sunday is consisting of writing missionaries, Smartfood Popcorn (I bought that party size bag YESTERDAY. It's almost empty. I have a problem) and Brother Bear with Rachel. We decided that it was an acceptable Sabbath movie since it has an uplifting message.

Happy Sunday everyone:)
And happy 2 years and 2 months of dating Mr. Low. 

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