Life is happening

9:36 AM

The days keep getting away from me! Sadly, blogging is moving further and further down my priority list. But I will get to it. Promise.

So this is how my life has been happening:

After studying my life away, I go on bowling/pizza dates with this crazy guy. Or we eat Samoan food. And don't carve our pumpkin.

I go on drives with Rachel to see the beautiful earth while singing along to EFY music. Utah is fantastic especially in the fall. Take a drive up the canyon friends. It's worth it.

 I get free Frosty's with this cute girl before we spend the remainder of the evening studying. All I do is study.

Cliche photo? Yes. But I sure do love sweaters and boots and all the fall leaves when I walk around campus. It's crisp and fresh outside, a little cold which I wish would disappear, but it's still delightful. I haven't had time to make hot chocolate and soup like I would like, but still. It's fall y'all.

My dear friend JD turned 22 yesterday, so we went to karaoke. Naturally. And yes, he sang 22 at the top of his lungs to celebrate. It was a great night.

Oh and this kid sang. He's pretty good I guess...hahaha he's amazing actually. 

Happy Wednesday everyone:)

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