One Month!!

4:28 PM

So as of yesterday, Randy has officially been on a mission for one month! Pretty exciting stuff! He's got 5 weeks left in the MTC and is really loving it. He says Japanese is hard, and some days he is good at it and other days he's not, but it's coming. He loves his companion, and is struggling with his district because the other missionaries aren't as interested in learning and studying as they are with messing around, but he's learning how to work on it! He's had a few awesome experiences, and if you want to read more about them, check out this link.

Things are going great here at school, busy as always, but so much fun! I love my group of friends and I love my ward, things are just great.

Also...small shout out to the people who've been helping me get through the past few weeks. There's been some major ups and downs, and I love knowing I have great people to count on, family and friends. Happy Sunday!

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