Birthday Boy

9:42 AM

***DISCLAIMER: I started this post yesterday, on Randy's actual birthday. So while it's being posted a day late, it was written on the actual day. That is all***

So I feel like I post about Randy a lot....but this month has been crazy with Valentine's Day and him being gone for a month and now his he gets a lot of blog time. Sorry, next month I'll cool it down. But I figure most people read this blog to hear about Randy it's fine;)

Anyway. Today my best friend turns 19 years old. He's off in the MTC, getting ready to teach the people in Fukuoka, Japan the Gospel. And while I miss him and wish I could spend his birthday with him, I wouldn't want him to be anywhere else. He loves this Gospel and he has such a strong testimony of it, it would be so selfish of me to want him to be anywhere else. Yesterday we had a sort of birthday party for him with a bunch of our BYU friends, which was really fun.

The reality is is that Randy Low is one of the most amazing people I know, and I'm really lucky to have gotten to be his friend for the past few years. So thank you Randy, for being the best friend in the world. For having my back, for caring about me and my friends, for always listening, for being crazy with me, for fighting with me, for laughing and crying with me. For everything. Happy birthday Elder Low!

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