My biggest fear

9:38 AM

My biggest fear is being alone. In a lot of ways, it's an irrational fear. I have a family, I have roommates, I have friends. But there is always this under the surface fear that I am really alone. And today I hit a reality check. Well two of them actually. One, that I am never EVER really alone. Heavenly Father is always there for me. No matter what. And two, that maybe this fear of being alone is really what makes me feel alone. So if I abandon the fear, I'll never have to have that fear become a reality. So that's what I'm working on this week. Letting go of that irrational worry.

Also. I have the greatest friends known to man. They are seriously the best. The ones here, the ones in the MTC, the ones at home (especially you Mom!!!), all of them. I take my friends for granted a lot. I love you all so much and I rely on you more than you know. So thank you, for being you.

Have a wonderful Saturday world!

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