Red Nail Polish

9:02 PM

I am wearing red nail polish today. There have been seven moments today when I felt like that container of red nail polish. I wanted to spill out and stain the carpet and yell and scream and let the redness outside of the glass container. But I didn't. I just looked at the red on my fingers and let that be enough. That's enough polish outside the container for today. 

The red nail polish also forgot to tell me that it makes me feel vintage. My dear, you can't buy class. You can't fake it either. You have to act it, live it, be it. And not just when it's convenient, but every second.

The red nail polish also seems thoughtful as it sits on the keys of my computer. Like a poised business woman ready to make her next move. I am not a business woman. But my nails are today.

This red nail polish puts me into a mood. A strange mood where I think I'm poetic and sophisticated. But it's really just the nail polish talking.

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