Bro...Brothers.... Brethren?

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I have an awesome brother who does so much for me. And in college I am lucky enough to have FHE brothers, and not FHE brothers who are basically my brothers. So I wanted to write up a little something dedicated to them.

My brother is crazy, smart, funny, and quirky. He's himself no matter what. He invites me over to dinner and drives me places, and I know if I need anything, he'll be there. So thanks Ben for being the best brother I have ;)

My FHE brothers. They are all so different, and fun, and crazy. They have come over to give blessings, do homework, make fun of us, and never get mad when we just walk into their room. Jesse and Andrew are way too cool for me ;) Jack and Dyl are the kind of guys that are your best friend in a romantic comedy. Kurtis is going to bleach his tips. Just kidding, but he's so funny without even trying to be. And Ian...bless his heart. He's one of the sweetest guys I know. He's so smart and funny. Ian is just...Ian. And I love them all.
Excuse Jett....haha
Andrew and Jesse are on the right, they're with some kids I don't know. But this is literally the epitome of them.
This is Ian. 

And Kurtis. Holding the dog. See why I love him?

And those other boys. Michael and Gabe and Dillon and Cade and Nick and Josh. I haven't known them for that long, but I know they would drop anything to come help me. That's why it's so hard to realize that three of them are going to be gone next semester. They tease and come sit on our couch while we talk, they've made Randy feel like their good friend even though they just met him, and have made me feel like I have someone who will take care of me.
Here's four of the boys ice skating
And Cade. 

Basically I have awesome guys in my life. Of course Randy is the best by far (sorry boys...;)) but I have some awesome friends who make me laugh and always watch out for me. And made us all promise we wouldn't get married until they get home and we can hang out some more. So thanks guys, for watching out for us and being my friend.

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