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I have been procrastinating writing, since there is so much to tell. So I guess I'll just start at the beginning and slowly trudge through this post, and hopefully you'll stick around to read the whole thing.

I have finished finals and have come back home! It is a wonderful feeling to be done. After finals were over I played and went to City Creek and to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. It was spectacular and my first weekend of being finals free was amazing. It was sad to leave my friends, some of which are leaving on missions and I might not see again. We had a party weekend saying goodbye, and it was perfect.

I have had a relaxing few days at home while my sisters are at school. I got to go shopping with my mom and go see the Hobbit with my family and Randy. And then today I went to Randy's mom's school. It made my heart hurt. They are the most wonderful little kids I've ever seen. They live in really rough situations, and are still so great. I feel bad because they don't have the family life or the education that they deserve. It made me want to do something for them. We sang songs and passed out candy, but I want to have an impact on these kids and kids like them. My ideas of how to help kids like them are still in the works, but I just hope others are aware that yes, there are kids all over the world in hard situations. But there are too many kids in our own backyard that are on the edge of having a great life, or being on the streets like their parents.

One final thought:

I think too many people fail to realize this. I have myself failed to remember this. But it is incredibly important.

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