Thanksgiving is over....still thankful

10:02 PM

Thanksgiving is over. And yet, my gratitude posts aren't. I really like this whole being thankful thing. So I'm finishing out the month of gratitude posts and hopefully doing more posts full of things I am blessed with. Because I am blessed with a lot.

November 25. Today I am glad for Christmas. I got to decorate my house with my family, listen to Christmas music ALL DAY and even decorate our little apartment with a wimpy tree and twinkle lights. There's something awesome about Christmas. And I am sad that a majority of December I won't be with my family, I am so glad that I can feel close to them when the Christmas tree scents are everywhere, as well as every time I hear Jingle Bell Rock. So yay for the season of giving, and I am grateful I live in a place where I can celebrate, and remember.

November 26. Today I am glad for electricity. I cooked dinner today, and I think I would have died as a pioneer. I can make decent food, but only if I have the oven and the stove working for me. So I am grateful for dear old Ben and his discovery of electricity, and for Edison who finally turned on the light, and all those other guys who made my life so much easier. Thank you.:)

In other news. Being reunited with my best friends is awesome. And I hit Sarah in the eye with a cookie, for which I am truly sorry. Also Mom, I miss you. Thanks for letting me cry yesterday. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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