November 8!!

8:44 AM

So I forgot to do this last night. But I'm doing it now so it's totally fine.

Today I am grateful for my roommates and friends here at BYU. They are the most awesome people who care about me so much and I want to spend a second giving them each a shout out.

Rachel. Rachel is crazy and I love that about her. Rachel is the kind of girl I always secretly want to be but never am. She's fun and always makes me laugh and genuinely cares about me. I was super intimidated by her at the beginning of the year, but now that I know her, I know she's sweet and funny and super smart. I love you Rach!

Heidi. She's the best bed-mate a person could ask for. She's so sweet and caring. She always makes time in her crazy schedule to talk to me and ask how I'm doing. Heidi makes me feel comfortable here at school and she's so amazing. I love you Heidi!!

Kathryn. Well I just love Kathryn so much. She's artsy and listens to good music and always has the funniest remarks that leave us rolling on the ground. Kathryn is quiet when you first meet her, but then she opens up and you hear her cute laugh and you just have to love her. She's my FHE mom and is so good at it. I love you Kathryn!!

Rebecca. She's the sassy pants of the house (weird right?) She always says the craziest, funniest things and makes us all laugh. She is always baking or cooking something, which we all love, and always willing to share with us. She's super fun and loves to come in and just chat, which I love. I love you Becca!

Jett. Jett is beautiful and smart and all the boys love her. At first I secretly was so jealous of her, and I still am, I'm just more open about it. Jett knows how to have fun and knows how to be serious. She has an opinion and isn't usually afraid to share it (like someone else I know...;)) and has such a strong testimony. Jett always makes us laugh in this apartment and we all love her for it. I WUV you Jett!!

Alli. Holy cow I love Alli. She's one of the sweetest people I know and Rachel and I feel like we corrupt her. One time we stole a girl's candy bar....but that's another story. Alli always lets me know she cares about me, which is something I love about her. She is so funny when she lets it out, and is so nice to everyone it's unreal. I love you Alli!

Sarah. Sarah is Tyra Banks, basically. She's beautiful and so funny and good at EVERYTHING. And she's still so humble about everything that she's done, which I love about her. Sarah always makes me feel invited and welcome. She's loud and crazy and doesn't care what people think about her, something I envy about her. She's just awesome really. I love you Sar!

Lauren. Lauren is beautiful and good at so many things and smart, and to top it all off, she's hilarious. Lauren doesn't care what people think about her either, and doesn't mind saying or doing something crazy no matter what the situation. She's beautiful on the dance floor and just as beautiful when she's at my house late at night watching movies. Lauren lets me know she loves me all the time, and I appreciate it so much. I love you Lauren!!!

So these are the girls I'm grateful for today. They make me feel like I'm irreplaceable, something I absolutely love. We laugh and cry and have gotten so close in such a short time. Rach and Sarah and Alli (HOPEFULLY) and I are already planning to live together next year (since everyone else is going on missions) and I can't wait for the awesome times ahead with these cute girls. I love you all!!!!

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