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So I didn't do November 9th and I need to do today before it's tomorrow! If that makes any sense. So here we go!

November 9th
Today I am grateful for the chance I have to go to BYU. I love Provo and this school and just the whole feeling here so much. I love going to games and feeling a part of something huge. I love everyone being so sweet when they see you on campus, guys opening the door for you, being around people I love and everything else. I'm learning so much from BYU and I am so glad I get to be here!

November 10th.
I am so grateful for music. It is one of the most wonderful gifts Heavenly Father gave us. I can't even express the emotions that music brings to me, all I know is that I am who I am because of music. It is so easy to get lost in a melody or completely relate to the lyrics of a song. AH I just love it :)

Also, this weekend I got a visit from Jackson and Dylan. Which was awesome. I haven't seen all the people from the good old days for a while, and it was nice to catch up. I have missed them and I'm so glad I have awesome friends who take time out of their busy lives to see me :)

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