We're the Weekenders!

7:29 AM

Ooooh what a Monday. I don't have time to be blogging...yet it's all I really want to do at this moment. SO here it goes. This weekend was fun! It started out on Friday with school (bleh) but then school was over!! And I did homework...trust me it get's fun I promise. I went to the football game which was a blast! And then went to Chili's (we have an obsession folks) and drove around feeling sick after. And then there was Chris drama with Jett. Wow I am looking back realizing Friday maybe wasn't the best weekend day....but we stayed up until three talking. Which was fun :) Saturday rolled around and we went grocery shopping and did homework and watched movies and went Wal-Mart shopping. I wish I had gotten a picture of the huge Nesquik bunny that was walking around. Oh dash. Then I made dinner and watched the Relief Society Broadcast which was AMAZING. I loved hearing about the Atonement and how we need to trust in the Lord. Then it was off to watch Harry Potter and talk and help Jett not feel sick. And Sunday was a day of rest full of meetings and teaching and people coming over. All in all it doesn't sound like the greatest weekend, but it was really pretty good :)

A separate thought. It's funny to watch people living the life you thought you wanted. And realize you don't want it. Not for a second.

Also NEXT weekend I am heading back to K-Town :) So that'll be exciting :)

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