Beauty School Wannabe

3:20 PM

So this weekend I became a beauty school wannabe. Not meaning that I want to go to beauty school, rather I pretended that I knew what I was doing (along with Alli and Sarah) and we dyed Rachel's hair. Basically it was one of the funniest weekends of my life.

On Friday I went to a Haunted House, a stake dance, went and watched As Time Goes By with Randy, went shopping for some new clothes, did homework, "helped" dye Rachel's hair, went to Lauren's dance competition, and had a sleepover with three of my favorite girls.

Randy finished up his papers and just has to have the Stake President hit "submit" which makes the whole mission thing more real. Hailee is getting her call on Wednesday. Which makes the whole mission thing more real. I'm so excited for all of my awesome friends who are going out to serve the Lord.

ALSO for the past week I've listened to Taylor Swift's new album on repeat, alternated with Christmas music coming from Rachel's computer.

My cute roommates make me so happy, the girls in my ward are so fun, college is hard and I had several melt downs this week trying to figure out what classes to take and trying to get a scholarship next year. But. Life is good.

I'm realizing this post is all over the sorry about that.

But I just had a thought of something I should post on here. My awesome BOM teacher taught a lesson about the Nephites getting into the Promised Land and such. And in that lesson he told us this....

Faith in the Lord also means having faith in His timing.

So I just thought I'd leave that last thought on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. :)

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