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Randy is super into lists recently, so I thought I'd make a list of things I love about Provo...or my life in Provo!

-I love the mountains. Seriously. They are the most beautiful mountains in the whole world. And they are literally in my backyard.
-I love my apartment. Our beautiful window where we creep on people, the comfortable couch with the bloated chair, the kitchen which is always messy because we're always baking something, our tacky TV stand, our post it note wall. All of it.
-I love the weather. It's cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Rainy and sunny and cold and warm. GAH it's all the weathers at once.
-I love that I'm close to my family. Yes, I'm an hour away. But it's still close :)
-I love my walk to campus every day. Long enough to make me enjoy the nature, short enough that I don't die and I'm not late.
-I love the temple. It's a weird, 70's temple, but it's amazing. And it's always packed.
-I love going to a devotional every Tuesday. It's awesome to get that spiritual pick-up once a week.
-I also love the spiritual pick-up I get in Book of Mormon every other day :) Gah and my teacher is amazing.
-I love that everyone on campus is so friendly. I think I've never had to open my own door to the library and everyone smiles when you sit down at their table in the library.
-I love the grocery stores. Yes. The grocery stores.
-I love the quick drive to Orem or Lehi or Downtown Provo or anywhere.
-I love that my best friend in the whole world is so close.
-I love my ward and the girls in my Relief Society.
-I love my cute roommates and my brand spankin' new best friends. Those girls are literally too nice to me and make me laugh so hard.
-I love my room. It's not like my room at home, but as my grandma said when she came to visit, it's me. And she's right.
-I love the laundry room in the basement. You can slide around in your socks. Which I do. Frequently.
-I love the BYU bookstore.
-I love the library. The big glass case that let's you feel outside, but still be warm? Genius.
-I love the football stadium and feeling a part of that huge crowd.
-I love the short walk to my church.
-I love breakdowns in the activity room.
-I love BYU

There are literally five million other things I could put but I have to go to school or whatever. So. Have a marvelous day!!! As you can see, I probably will too ;)

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