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So I have recently become obsessed with THIS song. I heard it the first time and was all like, yeah, it's nice. But then I LISTENED to it. And realized the lyrics are amazing and wonderful. And then because I'm semi obsessed with dance, dance moves and ideas flew into my head that went with it. And now they won't leave. Because there are so many amazing things you could do with this song to make a dance with it. And I WANT TO. But alas, I won't and can't. Because of a million reasons.

On another note, my brother is getting married in two days. It's weird. Because quite frankly, he never came home from his mission. Yes I know they "never come home" because they're different....but my brother literally never came home. He was off to college two weeks later, I don't think I've had more than a five minute conversation with him, alone, in over two years. The last REAL conversation we had was the day he came home from the MTC. I went down to show him the towels and everything so he could shower, and he looked at me and said, "Can I just say...when did you get so beautiful? You are goregous." And I was so excited to have my big brother home. But he's not home really. And it's something I get to get used to. Yes, I'm excited for him to get married and start his life and everything, but it's just hard.

On another note....AP TESTS ARE OVER!!! Probably the best thing ever. No more AP tests for the rest of my LIFE!!! :) And I'm going to Europe in like, two weeks. Basically....I'm stoked for what's to come :)

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