I should be studying right now....

8:46 AM

Yes. I should be studying right now....but I wanted to say a few things about things. If that makes sense. AP tests are now officially in full swing. I'm pretty sure I failed art history...NBD. But on the plus side...one down! Three to go......it's totally ok though. Things are good.

Things are scary, but good.

After AP art history, Randy and I went kite flying. It's so easy to forget absolutely everything else when you just want that kite to get in the air and stay there. Randy said something really cool while we were playing. He started laughing and looking at me, so of course I say "WHAT!?" And he says...."You're just cute. It's impossible to not smile while you're flying a kite."

It's true actually. So even in the midst of writing a seminary graduation talk, studying like crazy, working, getting things for Europe and school ready, I'm going to smile. Because I have great friends and a great family, food to eat, places to go and things to do :)

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