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So I'm literally one step away from the finish line of high school. I have two days of going to school and then two days of not going to school and playing and signing yearbooks and actually walking up the stairs to shake the principal's hand and getting my diploma and all that. We went to Sr. Cotillion this weekend and it was super fun. On the way home we were talking about our favorite and least favorite memories and such. Honestly there were so many things that I'd blocked from my memory I couldn't even really remember things. But now I've given it some more thought and I want to have documented my favorite and least favorite things about high school. You only go through it once (hopefully.....) and it's a crazy experience for everybody. No one gets an easy ride and no one leaves without a hint of nostalgia and sadness. Because after this we aren't kids anymore. Sure we can act like kids, but we aren't. Going to cotillion made me realize that I may not be sad enough to cry my eyes out (like some certain people in the senior class...) but I am sad. It's the end of an era. The end of a chapter in my life. I hope I always remember the people in that chapter and the things I learned from these pages, but I hope I don't constantly reread it.

So here's that list:

1. I remember going to the Point to eat lunch basically every day of sophomore year. And Ashley and I always split our food.
2. I remember loving English and Mrs. Hall
3. I remember being able to drive my friends around and feeling cool
4. I remember frequently driving to Viewmont/Centerville to visit everyone
5. I remember sitting in AP World History and thinking I was going to die.
6. I remember math class and feeling like an idiot the whole time.
7. I remember going to football games but none of my friends wanted to sit in the stands and watch, but wanted to sit on the track like the ninth graders.
8. I remember my brother leaving on his mission that January.
9. I remember Dance Company and being so close to all those girls
10. I remember going to dances that first year when none of my friends could, and they were all a blast. I had to learn to make new friends and I did
11. I remember choreographing my dance for dance company
12. I remember New Year's Eve with so much clarity it's ridiculous.
13. I remember the last day of school BBQ at Ashley's house
14. I remember feeling totally heartbroken
15. I remember seminary classes with fun people that I hadn't ever known before
16. I remember trying out for musical productions
17. I remember theater class
18. I remember Terri asking me to be on DTV and telling me I could skip intro.
19. I remember the very first day of musical productions
20. I remember meeting Syd Howard
21. I remember awkward movie nights and pool parties
22. I remember fighting with my friends and feeling like I'd lost them
23. I remember kisses.
24. I remember everything Mrs. Dau ever said.....not literally but you know what I mean
25. I remember basically worshipping Mr. Taylor
26. I remember falling asleep in Larsen's class but trying not to because something funny was bound to happen
27. I remember the Chicken Movie
28. I remember Cherry Hill
29. I remember crying myself to sleep
30. I remember making new friends
31. I remember IHOP at early hours of the morning
32. I remember missing Dance Company, but just a little
33. I remember my last day of ballet
34. I remember goodbyes
35. I remember hiking the mountain
36. I remember sobbing on stage, multiple times for multiple reasons
37. I remember meeting my family
38. I remember that very first kiss
39. I remember being a true dart
40. I remember poker nights
41. I remember orange leaf trips
42. I remember pool parties and laying on the tramp and visits at work
43. I remember screaming to myself because I was so happy
44. I remember dancing until my whole body ached
45. I remember when my brother came home, and told me I looked beautiful
46. I remember the push and pull of DTV
47. I remember laying out and reading about art
48. I remember dancing the night away, multiple times
49. I remember stress
50. I remember being proud to be a Dart

So I decided I should stop at fifty. There are fifty billion more things I could add to this list but I won't. Anywho. Yay for High School. Yay for Davis. Yay for the end of this chapter. Yay for the start of the Europe/BYU/Grown Up Chapter. Suprisingly, I think a lot of the things on this list, a lot of the people on this list, will make into the next chapter :)

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