Happy 26th To My Babe

1:05 PM

We've been loving eating Buddah Bowls for dinner! Spinach, quinoa, salmon, chick peas, and a sauce a for an amazing dinner!

We went to the museum for President's Day and had the best time playing around! The kids loved it and it was so fun to for them to all play together. Graham was super into the cars, the blocks, THE BALLS of course he loves playing with balls, and the grocery store!

AND my love turned 26! We went to dinner the night before, had breakfast in bed, went to the trampoline park, ate a DELICIOUS lunch, Randy went to teach at the gym, we had presents and celebrated with cookies. It was just a perfect day! We also had a great dinner and cake with my family before his actual birthday which was way fun.

AND last night we surprised Randy and our friends met us at the Jazz Game for a fun night! We lost, which was a bummer, but it was SO fun to watch the game with all our friends and go get fries and shakes after. We're so lucky!

I'm so excited to get to spend my life with Randy and celebrate all his birthdays with him. I love you babe.

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