Graham's First Birthday Party

4:23 AM

We had the absolute best time celebrating Graham's first birthday. We celebrated a little early to make sure as many cousins and family could be there as possible! The theme was WILD ONE because Graham is such a cute little wild guy! We also celebrated Randy graduating with his undergrad at the same party - two birds, one stone! 

We had it at the park with a trail mix bar, cake, some little treats, lots of outdoor games like spike ball and frisbee. The best part was that so many people came to spoil Graham and it was the best. Our families, extended families, and lots of our friends (and even a few kids!) came to celebrate our little guy.

He LOVED his smash cake and sat, just eating contentedly for probably 40 minutes. It made my mama heart so proud that he just dug into his cake and kept eating!

Candace helped bring presents and sometimes she would unwrap them on their way to bring them to Graham which cracked me up! He didn't mind and loved every toy he got. Everyone was so sweet to think of special things just for him, that he would really love. He never wanted the toy to be taken away and wanted to keep playing with it instead of opening something else!

He was so sweet and excited his whole party, everyone got a chance to play with him and celebrate with him. I know he won't remember any of the day, but it was so awesome to get to see all these people come together to love on my little boy. What an amazing day, and what great friends and family we have!

Alexon took all the pictures and I'm so grateful he was there to take them! I could just focus on Graham and making sure everything went well, and the whole party got captured which was amazing. THANK UNCLE ALEXON! 

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