4 Years

1:50 PM

We have had the best year, and every year we get to spend together is just the best. This past year of marriage we have moved (again), Randy graduated, we've worked and played, had the best time with our little boy, and fallen even more in love.

When we were dating, Randy and I would play a little game, imagining what our life would look like in exactly four years. We talked about 4 years because that's when Randy would be home from his mission. We wondered what our life could look like then.

Our best friends even took this little game, and put it in a song they sang for us on our wedding day.
The day we were married, we played this little game, imagining our future. We wondered if we would have a baby, if we'd be done with school, where we'd be living, all of it.

Where we are today, and the love we have, is more than I ever could have dreamed.

“Do you remember that game we played together when we talked about forever... This is our dream, and nothing’s going to take it away from me, we built it together, so marry me, and I’ll never let you go.” These are some of the lyrics from that song that Caleb and Alexon wrote, and it just captures this moment perfectly.

Can't wait to see where the next "four year" game will take us!

For our anniversary we had muffins for breakfast, I sent Randy off to go play at Guitar Center while I worked. Then we went to Salt Lake to have lunch at Eva's Bakery (which was SO yummy as always). Our evening was filled with watching Friends and eating ramen which is like the epitome of our marriage.

Friday we had my mom watch Graham so we could go on a fun date! We went shopping at Fashion Place, one of our favorite things to do, scootered around SLC and went to dinner at Cafe Molise which was DELICIOUS. We had such a wonderful time talking about our past and our future. I just loved it.

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