One Week With Graham

8:56 PM

We have absolutely loved having Graham in our family. He is the SWEETEST baby and has been so wonderful!

It has been a WHIRLWIND and we are trying to keep up with everything! We have had bunches of visitors from family to friends and more, and it's been wonderful to have so many people come love on our little guy.

My brother and sister in law have been here with their kids, and it's been so cute for Graham to meet his cousins!

We've celebrated birthdays for my sister and nephew, celebrated my sister's baby coming in October, taken Graham on walks, Randy has gone to school and is already killing the new semester, Graham is waking up 2 times each night and we've just been so happy!

We've gone to the doctor for a first checkup, and Graham looked great. In the hospital his last weigh-in was 6 lbs 15 oz, at the doctor's office he was already back to 7 lbs .5 oz! So that's great! Hopefully he keeps gaining that weight. We did have to do another jaundice test and then had to go back to the clinic the next day to get another one. Those test are AWFUL because they have to prick his heel and fill up a vial with blood. They have to SQUEEZE his heel to get the blood out. That's so hard for me to sit there and try and soothe Graham as they are getting blood out and he's so unhappy. It's so hard, but he has passed all the tests which I'm so grateful for.

Randy looks at me a dozen times a day and says "Oh my gosh I love him so much. I'm so happy" and it's SO precious. Seeing him become a dad has been amazing. He is SO sweet to our little boy and my love for him has just exploded, which I didn't think was possible.

Graham sleeps a lot but is SO sweet and fun when he's awake. He's a champ eater and I'm so proud of him! He likes tummy time, doesn't mind riding in the car, and has been great to take on stroller rides and to Target/Farmington Station. We are spoiled rotten with how great he is, and we are SO in love with him!


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