38 Week Bumpdate

8:26 AM

Symptoms: It's getting harder to sleep, and random days that are super hot will make my feet swell a little bit. I'm also SO annoyed at everything! I feel SUPER bad about it, but I can hear how snappy I am about every little thing. It makes me laugh but I also feel really bad. 
Sleep: Waking up super early and wanting a nap in the afternoon, but I'm doing ok! 
Baby is: Good! I am 1.5 CM dilated and 75% effaced, so we're slowly making progress. I was really hoping he would have come already, but I think I got my hopes up too high! I'm now just expecting he'll come on our induction date and that will be that.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: So insanely nice, even though I'm annoyed all the time hahaha.
Mom is craving: Surprisingly not a lot! 
Funny things this week: I was sincerely hoping little dude would come on Sunday because the doctor was on-call (she won't be the rest of the week) and I kept thinking how convenient it would be for baby to come while Randy was off of school. No such luck for us! I've been trying to keep busy, everything is really set and organized so I'm just doing all my work stuff, planning out a few projects but nothing too far in advance. We had an awesome shower with the neighborhood and they spoiled little guy rotten! We're so lucky! Randy's mom made na'an bread (diabetes friendly) the other day and it was SO good!


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