Bumpdate Week 18 and Christmas Activities

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We have been having the best time gearing up for Christmas! Randy finished his finals on Thursday (he worked SO hard and I am SO proud of him!) so Friday we had to do some fun stuff!

After work we went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi and we LOVED it. So many people have been saying they don't like it for one reason or another, but we thought it was really good! You have to let go of your expectations a little bit, but I really loved it and so did Randy.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit, then headed off to do some Christmas shopping! It was snowing a tiny bit and we listened to Christmas music which always makes me so excited for the holiday.

We saw Santa Claus at City Creek, but he wasn't nearly as popular as all the Star Wars characters that were available for pictures! There were maybe 4 people in line to see Santa, and several dozen in line to see the Star Wars characters, which was a riot.

We met up with Bethany and Jarem at Trolley Square for some dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory - we got to eat in the train car which was really fun! After wandering around for a minute, we headed up to Temple Square and after getting stuck in some bad traffic, finally parked and got over to the MoTab Concert! It was SO cool to see so many people in line at the JSMB for the new Church Vending Machines, all wanting to donate money to serve others.

We got to the concert and it was one of my favorite ones I have ever been to. Sutton Foster was breathtaking and her songs were beautiful. I seriously teared up hearing her sing Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver (one of my family's favorite road trip songs). Hugh Bonneville was also fantastic and SO cool to see in person, and of course Richard Elliot the organist played an AMAZING solo that got a standing ovation. The whole congregation sang Jingle Bells and it was SO fun to see everyone try to keep up with the conductor.

Baby boy was bouncing around like nuts when the singing was going on - I think it's safe to say he's his father's son, and loves music.

We're having the best time this holiday baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and I'm trying really hard not to get too caught up in things and just be excited about what we get to do and see. It's been fun and we can't wait for little man to join us next year!

Week 18:

Symptoms: My back has been hurting a little bit this week which hasn't been fun! Anyone have any good ideas of remedies?
Sleep: Still having random and vivid dreams, and I think sleep is what's making my back hurt so I'm looking for better ways to relax so I don't tweak anything! 
Baby is: The size of a sweet potato this week! I can feel him move more and more (I think it's him anyway. It's hard to know since it's my first!) and it's so fun! 
Gender: BABY BOY! We go in for another ultrasound this week - so hopefully no changes!
Dad is: Perfect! He knocked out his finals while taking care of me and is always SO sweet and does everything I need and more. 
Mom is craving: Poor man stroganoff! We made it for dinner and I ate the leftovers as a late night snack that same night - then the next morning was almost in tears that I didn't have any more leftovers! SO the following day, I made a batch so I would have some leftovers. The funniest thing is, Sunday night we went to my mom's house and my sister decided to make it for dinner! So I've had plenty of it now HAHA.
Funny things this week: I can't bend over! I feel like the baby is RIGHT THERE when I bend over to touch my toes and it makes it really uncomfortable.

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