2017 - A Year In Review

10:57 AM

January - Drives up the canyon, taking lots of photos, cozying up and watching our favorite shows and movies. Randy started at the University of Utah and absolutely loved it.

February - Celebrating Randy's birthday and Valentine's day, making important decisions, lots of praying and thinking and worrying.

March - Walks around the Jordan River trail, shopping, cooking new foods and spending time with friends. The first half of 2017 was hard for me, as we were making huge decisions and I was figuring out how to get my groove back. Randy was my rock the entire time.

April - A whirlwind week of Disneyland with my parents and sister, then straight to New York for a business trip. I HATED being away from Randy but New York was so cool! We also decided to start trying to have a BABY! Also - Randy made the DEAN'S LIST. Did I mention he went to school year round for all of 2017? And killed it?

May - A HUGE and amazing month, 2 weeks of which we spent in Japan! We had the best time ever and I can't wait to go back. We also celebrated two years of marriage which was so wonderful. Our sweet niece was born while we were gone, and we got to see Randy's mission and I got to meet his grandparents and cousin. Randy quit his job at the bank after 2 years which was hard, but was the right move!

June - Headed to Yellowstone and loved seeing baby animals and mountain sheep (which we had never seen before!) Our darling nephew was born and at the end of the month, came to Utah to spend the summer!

July - LOTS of niece and nephew time, Candace and Randy became best friends and we loved doing fun summer activities like picnics, cookouts, drive-in movies, and more. Also, our apartment FLOODED and it was the craziest saga in the world.

August - Concerts and switching jobs were some major memories of August! But the biggest was saying goodbye to our niece and nephew as they moved to California, and saying goodbye to Randy's brother Sam as he went on his mission to Japan.

September - The best month of the whole year, we found out we were having a baby! On my birthday, no less. It was one for the books and some of the happiest days of my life. We also moved into a new apartment in South Jordan.

October - Doctor appointments, telling our families and friends about Baby Low, freelance work, and settling into our new place filled up our October.

November - Finding out we are having a baby BOY was the highlight of November! Lots of family time and hard work for Randy to get great grades also took up most of the month.

December - Family time, feeling little dude move around, working hard and being so happy.

2017 was hard in some ways, but in so many other ways it was the best year of my life. I feel so insanely blessed to have had such a beautiful year, and am even more excited for 2018 when we get to meet our little man. We are SO lucky and so happy, and thanks to all of you who made our 2017 picture perfect.

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