This Weekend

8:32 AM

This weekend was super fun as we got together with family to celebrate my birthday! My dad had been out of town last weekend, so we just went and sadly watched the BYU vs. Utah football game and that was it.

This weekend, we went to the State Fair on Friday night with friends, which was a BLAST! We ate deep fried cookie dough and watched our friends try to vanquish a Churro Dog (a churro in a donut with ice cream and whipped cream and sprinkles. It was crazy.) We saw the animals and played games, and just had a blast.

Saturday we went to Kaysville bright and early, had lunch with Randy's family, and then had dinner with my parents. It was a really relaxed and fun day to just hang out with our families! Sunday we were back in Kaysville for my official birthday dinner (thanks for making my favorites mom!) and cake!

I am just spoiled rotten and have the best family and friends in the world. Now here's to all of them helping Randy and I move here in the next few days! (EEEEEK.)

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