My 23rd Year

1:26 PM

A new found love for photography (even though we aren't good at it yet.)

So many books (listened to in the car and read in my bed.)

Some hiccups of uncertainty about my career, my passions, my hobbies, our future.

Being pulled out of that confusion with the help of egg-free cookie dough, a loving husband, and lots of literature.

Prayers of pleading that strengthened my faith and trust.

Nights of Netflix and movies (some new, mostly reruns.)

3 jobs that all felt different (but all paid the bills.)

Landing somewhere that makes me happy.

Lots of Sunday School lessons and teasing our kids.

Baking and cooking and cleaning and crafting.

Great holiday time with lots of family.

Disneyland adventures.

Life-changing experiences in Japan.

Loving on a new niece and nephew (and the niece we already had, too).

A summer of adventures with friends and family and the great outdoors.

Lots of excitement for the year ahead.

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