Summer So Far

10:02 AM

With our trip to Japan and then posting a MILLION times about it, I have gotten off my schedule! So here's just a couple updates:

We filmed this cool video with all our travel tips and tricks, so check it out!

This summer we have:

Gone on a picnic
Seen Wonder Woman at the Drive In (SUCH A GOOD MOVIE)
Had "mega-bad" in our living room to beat the heat
Taken a ton of photos
Had some awesome Church lessons
Made a few trips to the Baked Bear and Culver's
Tried new recipes (pineapple chicken was BOMB)
Spent time with our friends and family
Worked (Maddy)
Gone to school (Randy)
FaceTimed or visited with our nieces and nephew
Gone to the temple
Listened to lots of vinyl records
Gone on lots of walks

We are having the best summer so far, and now that things are calmed down a tiny bit, I'm going to get back to regular posting schedules!

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