9:28 AM

I have been bad at updating, so here we go!

Things Randy and I have done so far in 2017:

Lots of laundry
Visiting family and friends
A heart-breaking Jazz game with my family (we lost by ONE at the buzzer)
Cooked lots of yummy food
Gone to dinners and baked cookies and had birthday parties with friends
Tried The Baked Bear (delicious!)
Worked and worked and worked
Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned
Randy started at the U and LOVES IT (he is still a die-hard BYU fan though, don't worry!)
Taught Sunday School
Randy has gone to lots of Presidency meetings
Done photo shoots and freelance work
Cozied up in our apartment during snowstorms

And more.

Basically January has been good to us so far, can't wait to see what the rest of 2017 will bring!

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