Weekend Update

7:45 PM

This weekend was another busy but amazingly fun one!

Friday Randy and I got home from work with nothing on the agenda, which was a shocker! We texted some friends and eventually landed on going to dinner with Alexon and Sean. We stopped at Target first (it wasn't even my choice! Sean needed to go there!) and then it was off to Mo Bettah for some Hawaiian food! Delicious food and lots of fun chatting. We then elected to go back to their apartment and the boys played Mario Party (it was HILARIOUS) and then we watched Sing Street (great 80's music movie. I highly recommend)

Saturday Randy and I got to sleep in which was beautiful, we cleaned the apartment and then went down to Kaysville! We did our laundry and visited with family, went and took some photos for one of my wonderful clients Amy, and then it was off to see Mary Poppins at the high school!

It's always a treat to get to go back and see the musicals at the high school, and this one was no exception. It was so well done. The leads were fantastic, the dance routines were amazing, and it was just a giant show. It gives me all the feels to be back in that auditorium. I know how it feels to wait in the wings, to dance on that stage. AHH I can't go into it any more or I'll start crying (and I'm in public so that would be bad) but really, it was such a pleasure to see the show, and to bring my experiences from doing theater there. Huge shout out to Andra, Bonnie, Syd, Chad, all the people I did shows with, all the people who performed in Mary Poppins, my fam, and of course Randy, who all made my theater experiences a dream.

Sunday we taught our class and had a super relaxed day, which was so needed! We made curry and watched movies, went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and took some amazing photos, and spent lots of time just talking and laughing. It was a perfect day.

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