Thankful Day Ten, Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen

4:58 PM

Guys. I have been STINKING at this gratitude daily thing! So here's the catch up and the intention to be better.

Thankful Day Ten: CANDLES. Especially in the fall and winter. Man I love it when our apartment smells delicious and festive and cozy.

Thankful Day Eleven: Latter-day prophets. There are so many things that we could be afraid of today, but I am so happy to know that I can be guided and advised by my Heavenly Father, through prophets. The words they give us are so important for our day and I just couldn't be more grateful for them!

Thankful Day Twelve: I am thankful for musicals. Randy and I were lucky enough to participate in theater in high school, and the things that I learned there about myself have impacted my life! Not to mention I fell in love with my future husband there. But really, the people, the music, the backstage feels, the rawness of performing, all of it was perfect. And I am so lucky it's a part of my story.

Thankful Day Thirteen: Dance. Oh my heavens I am so thankful for dance. I don't know who I would be if my wonderful mom didn't start me in ballet at 2 years old. I had teachers who made such a huge impact on me, made friends there that are still my close friends today, and the principles of grace and elegance that it taught me have stayed with me. I miss the hours in the studio and the excitement of being backstage, and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. I think my memories of ballet are some of my most vivid. I felt so alive.

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