General Conference - Some Things Can Only Be Learned By Faith

9:36 AM

I see a theme occurring.

I forget to take pictures ALL THE TIME GUYS.

This past weekend was no exception.

So I will give you a brief outline, and then some General Conference highlights.

Randy and I have had a rough couple of weeks. A traumatic incident with one of our close friends has left us a little jumpy, very busy, constantly dropping things to take calls and visits, and busy this week with a funeral.

General Conference couldn't have come at a more ideal time.

So Friday night Randy and I had some April Fools shenanigans, then we did boring adult things like grocery shopping and spent the evening relaxing and unwinding.

Saturday we had breakfast with Caleb and Nanette while we watched the first session of conference, then it was off to home for the weekend to watch the rest of the sessions, and do lots of family laughing and game playing.

Here are some of my favorite thoughts from Conference this year.

Let me just leave you with this. I know some people who are struggling, who are unsure of their testimony, unsure of their God and this church. If that's you, please know that I love you and I respect you, and I want you to be happy. 

Elder Oaks said in this conference that "Some things can only be learned by faith" 

There are quite a few things that don't make sense to me. There are things that I have questions about. I study those questions, I ask God and I ask teachers and leaders. But the most important thing that any of us can do is have faith. When the Provo City Center Temple was dedicated, the temple president told a story of his deaf father, and how when he went through the temple to do his endowment, he couldn't hear a word. He didn't understand what the endowment was, because they had no way to interpret it for him. YEARS later, he finally read the words of the endowment for the first time. 

He didn't understand. He had literally no clue what was going on in the temple. But he still went, faithfully. He still believed. 

Sometimes we are asked to walk down a path where things are uncertain, even impossible to understand. For me, the best practice has been to "hold fast to what [I] already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes"

Some things can only be learned, comprehended, and understood by faith. That's the whole point. 

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  1. Girl, you are the cutest, and you put so much good and light into the world. Thanks for being you! I always love reading your blogzzzz.


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